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      Name Type Starting at
    The Lion, The Jungle Emotion, Hiphop, Movie, Riding, Smooth $30.00 Buy
    You Aint Know Bass, Bounce, Drums, Energy, Epic, Hiphop, Rap $30.00 Buy
    The Distance Emotion, Epic, Hiphop, Movie, Rap, Riding, Synth $30.00 Buy
    Telling Me Lies (w/ Hook) Bounce, Drums, Hook, Rap, RnB, Synth $44.95 Buy
    Miami Lights Rap, Riding, RnB, Smooth $30.00 Buy
    Work With Bounce, Rap, RnB, Synth $24.99 Buy
    Imagining Jazz, RnB, Smooth $19.99 Buy
    Lifted Bass, Drums, Guitar, Hiphop, Rap, Synth $30.00 Buy
    Stop Hating (Love More) Emotion, Hiphop, Rap, RnB, Smooth $30.00 Buy
    BTH’s Bass, Drums, Energy, Hiphop, Rap $30.00 Buy
    I Can’t Explain It Love, RnB, Smooth $30.00 Buy
    Let Love In (w/ Hook) Emotion, Hiphop, Hook, Rap $44.95 Buy
    Think It Over Emotion, Rap, RnB $30.00 Buy
    Diamonds & Gold (w/ Hook) Hiphop, Hook, Rap, RnB $44.95 Buy
    Never Part (w/ Hook) Hiphop, Jazz, Rap, RnB $44.95 Buy
    No Excuses Guitar, Hiphop, Rap, Street $19.99 Buy

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