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Hi! I’m MsInstrumental

My goal is to help as many people as possible through my contributions in Songwriting & Music Production.

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Sample Pack (Free)

I created an original sample pack for music producers to combat beat block. 

Artist Guide (Free)

I developed a free recording artist help coaching guide for aspiring artists.

Producer Guide (Free)

I developed a free Personal Development coaching guide for music producers.

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About Me

Music Producer, Songwriter & Business Consultant

Hi, I’m MsInstrumental! I’m a music producer and songwriter. I have over sixteen years of experience with producing music for various genres, independent recording artists and businesses (both small and large). I’d also like to mention that I’m an avid reader who focuses on reading books pertaining to music, business and personal devolvement. I’m excited that I now get to you reach your goals through sharing valuable insight and experiences.

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Key Focus Areas

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Productivity Tips

I’m passionate about helping you implement an efficient workflow, an essential key to maximizing your productivity. 

Personal Development

I love sharing personal development tips to help you further evolve into a more empowered music producer and/or recording artist.

Being a Resource

At the end of the day outcome is everything! My goal is to be a helpful resource to you as you continue on your musical journey.

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